6 Reasons to Choose a Local Mortgage Lender
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Published on August 23, 2022
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6 Reasons to Choose a Local Mortgage Lender

6 reasons to choose a local mortgage lender

When you’re buying a home, you have options when it comes to the partners you choose to work with. Just as you’ll probably seek out a local real estate agent with experience in the market you’re moving into, choosing a local mortgage lender should also be part of your plan.


There are a number of reasons it makes sense to work with a local lender, including:


  1. The process is more likely to go smoothly with a local lender. If hiccups arise, sellers and real estate agents are more confident knowing that a local company with an established reputation will be there to straighten things out.
  2. Communication is easy. We don’t keep bank hours. In a competitive market, we know that buyers need to be prepared when opportunities arise. You can rest assured knowing your local lender will be available when you need them, not just 9-5.
  3. Personalized attention. With a local company, you’re not just another number. We get to know your individual needs and work with you to determine what options will work best for your specific situation. There’s no fear of getting lost in the shuffle or stuck waiting on a response.
  4. You’re working with your neighbors. We know the market because we live here too. We have an intimate understanding of the subtle differences between neighborhoods, as well as trends affecting the market. More than that, we’re invested in our communities and seeing them grow. We’re excited to help our neighbors find their perfect homes.
  5. We’re with you every step of the way. There’s a lot that goes into buying a home. We’ll guide you through everything that’s needed, be on hand to answer questions when they come up, and be there at your closing to congratulate you.
  6. It’s great for your local economy. Utilizing a local lender (as well as local real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, etc.) keeps your investment close to home and directly supports your community’s financial health. Plus, local lenders are likely to be involved in community programming and fundraisers as well as supporting other local businesses.


Ready to find a local mortgage lender who will work for you? Contact the team at Acadia Lending Group to get started. Or check out our intensive article on how to choose a mortgage lender.


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