Home Purchased! Checklist of What to Do Next
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Published on March 3, 2023
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Home Purchased! Checklist of What to Do Next

Checklist Of Things To Do After Purchasing Your New Home

If you are a new homeowner, congratulations! Moving into a new home is exciting and can be a bit hectic. Having a checklist or to-do list for your move can help you stay organized and make the transition easier.

Here are some things to consider as you prepare for your move-in date:

  1. Conduct a walkthrough – Before moving in, inspect the property for any damage or maintenance issues, and make sure everything is in working order.
  2. Take measurements – Take measurements of the rooms, windows, and doors to ensure your furniture will fit in the new space.
  3. Deep clean – Whether you do it yourself, or hire a cleaning service, it is always a smart idea to clean the home before moving your furniture in. This is the prime time to have full access to all of the floors and every corner of the house.
  4. Prioritize unpacking – having the moving boxes labeled for each room and level or priority to unpack will eliminate the stress of having to unpack everything at once. You should consider unpacking the most important boxes first such as kitchen essentials and bathroom supplies.
  5. Change the locks – You don’t know who has copies of the house keys to your new home, so it is a smart idea to get the locks changed. Being in control of your home’s security will put your mind at ease and protect your family.
  6. Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Who knows when the last time the batteries were changed? It is always a good idea to make sure the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly.
  7. Update your address at the post office – To avoid missing important letters or mail, make sure to change your address at the post office. This step is often breezed over and forgot about, but you’ll be thankful you didn’t forget it!
  8. Transfer utilities – Make sure the utilities at your old place are turned off and transferred to your new home. It is best to call the utility providers a couple weeks in advance so they can have it scheduled and ready to go for your move. Some of these utility services include water, gas, electric, tv / phone services and trash collection.
  9. Update your insurance policies – Update your homeowners or renters insurance policy to reflect your new address.

By following this checklist, your moving transition will be less stressful, and you will have more time to enjoy the exciting adventure of having a new home! You’ll be well prepared for a smooth and successful move.

Acadia Lending Group is here to guide you through the ENTIRE process, from pre-qualification to move in! Give one of our Mortgage Advisors a call with any questions you may have about any point in the home buying process. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of homeownership!

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