Getting a mortgage is more than just a transaction, attached to it is the decision you’ve made to grow your family in your first home together, build the newer home of your dreams, add stability to your income with an investment property, or refinance to secure better options for your future.

Hi, I’m Renee!  I have lived, worked, and played in the rural parts of Maine for the entirety of my life where I have grown to love being in its beautiful outdoors while camping, four-wheeling, hunting, and fishing.  There is no greater place to have raised my now adult son; in a strong and safe school system, an invaluable community, and heavily supported athletic programs, he has flourished becoming a 4.0 student and living his dream playing college baseball.

Your journey to becoming a homeowner and creating your life’s story in this beautiful, scenic state is as important to me as my own and I am honored to dedicate my prompt assistance to you through every step of the loan process to ensure you get the mortgage that is suited best for you!